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The Perspectives of International Cooperation in Competition Law
and Policy

This article starts with the cautionary note that an alternative approach for international cooperation in competition law and policy is needed. After the Doha Trade Talk, negotiations about this issue reached a deadlock, so there is no longer any prospect of the WTO assuming this responsibility in the future. How the politically unacceptable solution becomes an academically thinkable option? What should the central elements of future cooperation look like? Section II gives an overview of the development of the international cooperation in competition policy and law and an insight into its achievements and challenges. Section III takes a closer look at the perspectives of a global strategy by giving further details how cooperation could be designed.


  • I. The need for an alternative approach
  • II. Overview of the development of multilateral cooperation
    • 1. Early attempts at international agreement
      • 1.1 The ITO
      • 1.2 The ECOSOC
      • 1.3 The GATT
      • 1.4 The UNCTAD
      • 1.5 The OECD
    • 2. Contemporary debates
      • 2.1 The role of the WTO
      • 2.2 The emerging role of the ICN
    • 3. Limitations of multilateral agreement
  • III. Perspectives of a global regulatory strategy
    • 1. Institutional perspectives
      • 1.1 The interface between trade policy and competition policy
      • 1.2 Theory of complementarity
        • 1.2.1 Effects of trade policy on the development of fair competition
        • 1.2.2 Effects of anticompetitive practices on the trade development
      • 1.3 Theory of contestable markets
    • 2. Policy perspectives
      • 2.1 Diversities in competition culture
      • 2.2 Differences in substantive competition laws
      • 2.3 Differences in procedural laws
    • 3. Law perspectives
      • 3.1 Plurilateral agreement
      • 3.2 International soft law
    • 4. The road ahead
  • IV. Conclusion
Ph.D. and M.A., FernUniversität in Hagen, LL.M. University of East Anglia, author of “Globale Netzwerke als Gestaltungschance für internationale Politik – Eine Analyse des International Competition Network'', Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt/M. 2009. I would like to express my gratitude to the anonymous referees for their helpful comments. The usual disclaimer applies. Corresponding address:

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