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Dear readers,
The ZWeR has been very well received by antitrust practitioners and academics alike since it was first published in 2003. Against this background, the publishers are glad to open the ZWeR's 10th volume with the present issue and the following announcements.
We are delighted to announce that the journal has gained two distinguished antitrust lawyers as co-publishers for its 2012 volume, Dr. Christoph Stadler, LL.M., and Professor Dr. Stefan Thomas. Dr. Stadler is antitrust partner with Hengeler Mueller, Düsseldorf, he is member of the board of the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht and author of several publications in the field of antitrust law. Professor Dr. Thomas holds the chair for civil law, commercial and economic law, competition law and insurance law at the University of Tübingen. He has gained recognition for several books and articles on antitrust law – including articles published in the ZWeR. We cordially welcome both of them to the publishing board and look forward to their participation.
The ZWeR has always placed paramount importance on the quality of its articles. High standards are guaranteed by a strict and anonymous peer-review procedure for all articles submitted except for publications specifically requested by the ZWeR. In the 2012 volume, these principles and the review procedure will be described in detail in the imprint.
In addition, the ZWeR is pleased to announce that all its subscribers will now receive online access to a cost-free archive of all issues of the ZWeR. In order to receive access, please register at using the subscription number which is printed on the despatch label of your print version of ZWeR, to gain your user-name and password. The online site features a search function which allows all ZWeR articles (and judgments quoted therein) to be searched by search items such as author name, full-text items or file numbers. All ZWeR articles can also be directly downloaded and printed from the website.
We trust that our readers will find the developments detailed above to be beneficial and allow them to continue to rely on the ZWeR as a useful and reliable source on the latest cutting edge developments in antitrust law.
Joachim Bornkamm
Meinrad Dreher
Andreas Fuchs
Ulrich Immenga
Frank Montag
Kurt Stockmann


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