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Dear Readers,
with this first issue of the year 2009 the first change of the board of editors since the foundation of ZWeR will take place: With warm thanks for his commitment as associate editor of the first six years of our journal we bid farewell to Prof. Dr. Günter Hirsch. Not only with his own articles and reviews, but also with numerous stimuli „behind the curtain“ – resulting from his wide experience from judicial activity both at national and European courts – he has largely shaped ZWeR. After retiring as president of the German Federal High Court of Justice (BGH) he now acts, since April 1st 2008, as ombudsman for insurance companies. Our best wishes shall accompany Günter Hirsch personally as well as his challenging new task.
From the field of jurisdiction, Professor Dr. Joachim Bornkamm will as of now join the board of editors. He is occupied with competition law not only as presiding judge of the BGH's first civil chamber (which is among others competent for unfair competition), but in particular as deputy presiding judge of the chamber dealing with competition cases. Furthermore, he is president of the Association of European Competiton Law Judges (AECLJ), he has published a large number of academic articles (amongst others also in ZWeR) and holds a honorary professorship at the University of Freiburg. We give a warm welcome to Professor Bornkamm as associate editor and together with our readers look forward to his participation.
Eventually, we would like to announce some changes within the advisory board of editors: Michael Albers, Prof. Dr. Guiseppe Tesauro and Prof. Dr. Yih-nan Liaw have withdrawn from the board. We thank them for their past consulting activity.
Meinrad Dreher
Andreas Fuchs
Ulrich Immenga
Frank Montag
Kurt Stockmann


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