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Since the first edition in 2003, the Zeitschrift für Wettbewerbsrecht – Journal of Competition Law (ZWeR) has provided a forum for debate in both English and German on law concerning competition. Since then the claim made in the preface in the first year of offering a scientifically well-founded orientation, suitable for practical application, aimed at maintaining competition and not guided by other interests has been adhered to.
In order to document and to consolidate these high standards, at the beginning of the 6th year of the ZWeR, together with the publishing house the editors have decided to formalise and publish the system for appraisal, as has been practised for all contributions since the first year.
Criteria for publishing a contribution in the ZWeR are the significance and topicality of the problem discussed, the scientific foundation and presentation of the material and, in particular, the originality and plausibility of the discussion and of the results. Contributions of a merely reporting character – such as overviews on legislative procedures or the judicial decisions within a certain period of time – are therefore not published in the ZWeR. On this basis, expert opinions commissioned by a party to proceedings are accepted for publication only in exceptional cases, and only if their character is disclosed already upon submission and, in case of publication, is disclosed in the first footnote and if written on a scientific basis. Contributions referring to decisions or proceedings, at which an author participated either directly or indirectly, for example as a party or a representative –, as far as lawyers are concerned, this refers to the entire chambers at all locations –, will on principle not be accepted for publication. Taking into consideration the professional obligation to remain neutral, the general interest in a continuing development of the official practical application and judicial decision practice, as well as with regard to the appraisal by the publishers also carried out here, this does not apply to contributions by employees of the antitrust and regulatory authorities and/or the courts.
All contributions submitted are passed on to the publishers in an anonymous form by the editorial department. The publishers assess the manuscripts and decide on their publication. If a potential author is contacted by the publishers with regard to a certain subject, the content will nevertheless be assessed. A contribution will only be published, if it has been supported explicitly by at least two publishers and if no publisher has raised well-funded objections. Should individual publishers be unable to assess a contribution in a completely unbiased way – for example because of previous contacts with the author on this subject – this contribution will only be published in the ZWeR if positive votes have been submitted by a minimum of two other publishers. Decisions concerning the acceptance of a contribution or refusal for publication will be made, if possible, within 6 weeks of submission.
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